Back on track

2012-08-13 22:58:01 by RacmusDK

I haven't been making much music lately. Mainly because of a lack of time but I have also felt uninspired or what you wanna call it.

But I'm gonna try to find some more time for it, because I love music and I love to create it.

- And if anyone want's to listen that's great! :)

Right now I'm working on a couple of new things but I have no idea when I'm done.

Hope you will be listening :)


Stendorff & Wehlast

2010-09-15 12:21:56 by RacmusDK


As you may know I am the Wehlast part of S&W ;)

Please listen to some of our music here at NG!

Or go check us out on youtube :)
Or hear this new remix we just made!

you could also Like us on Facebook! :D


Stendorff & Wehlast